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- Symbol : VIBE
- Rank : 1749

Price USD : 0.00157 $
Price BTC : 6 Sat.

- Volume in last 24h : 192
- Market cap : 407,221

- Project details : VIBEHub is a technology platform with the capacity to create virtual reality marketplaces and hubs, allowing users to buy and sell experiences far beyond the possibilities of traditional technology. Imagine a virtual seat at a live concert that feels like you’re actually at the show or a virtual meet-and-greet with your favorite artist who lives 2000 miles away from you. VIBEHub makes it all possible. Lessons ranging from boxing, guitar, and yoga are examples of this VR technology. The instructor can be scaled as life-sized or as small as a butterfly instead of being limited to the confines of traditional technology. All transactions on these hubs will use our VIBE token, a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain. What elevates VIBEHub above traditional Virtual Reality applications is the ability to capture visual performances in Volumetric Video (Holoportation Technology). Utilizing holograms of artists, educators or instructors and placing them in our own custom (VR) environments is what will ensure VIBEHub is at the forefront of (VR) technology for years to come.

- Available from : 2017-09-26

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